CJ is a queer artist living and working with a visual disability. CJ earned an MFA from New York University in 1998. Upon graduation, CJ had a solo exhibition (White Room) at White Columns Gallery in NYC. Their work was exhibited at Mixed Greens Gallery in New York City from 2000-2012. CJ has had over 5 solo exhibitions and taken part in numerous group shows in the U.S. and abroad. Publications include the New York Times, Zing Magazine, Art Actuel (France), Art21, Hyperallergic, Gothamist, and others. The Museum of Modern Art, the School of Visual Arts, and Massachusetts College of Art have all presented CJ's work. Collections include The Corel Corporation, General Electric World Headquarters, and The West Collection. 

CJ's work has researched ancient civilizations, incorporated categorization and data collection, studied humanity's fixation on time and endings, honored influential humans and heroes, and employed various philosophical, psychological and socio-political theories; all of which speak to our collective search for meaning. Their work zeroes in on the moments where the micro and the macro overlap and intersect. CJ's interest in psychology, neuro-biology, and metaphysics grew through their study and practice of clinical social work. Their newest works reflect the challenges we face as beings striving to maintain autonomy and emotional stability while intimately connecting and disconnecting with others.

CJ was the lead singer and played guitar in the NYC queercore band Triple Creme from 1998-2008. The band toured in the U.S and produced three full-length albums of original material, winning an OUTMusic award for recording of the year in 2005.


Selected Reviews:

-GastroVision: Stomachache, Nicole J. Caruth, Art21 Magazine, 2010

-The Artist's Lament, The Workspace Gallery, ZingMagazine20, Germaine Keller, 2004

-CJ Mazzalupo Paintings, Mitch Bogen's Art & Argument, 2017

-Christina Mazzalupo, Prognosis: DOOM, This Week in New York, 2012



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Contact: CJMazzalupo@gmail.com